Old Truck Grunge

I was asked the best way to get that aged look to an image. Firstly photograph something that looks a bit authentic as old. Its just not so convincing when its an image of a sky scraper or an ipod……

How did I do that?

What works for me is to have a stock pile of old grunge paper images.  Make your own by using tea to stain the paper, paint watered down, or burn the edges, like you did when you were a kid making treasure maps. Find some handmade paper or thicker card, that always gives interesting effects too. Screw the paper up, fold to make creases, rub in the dirt. I find yellow-orange tones work best, some with black edges. Photograph these, crop neatly, turn up the curves a bit, and label in a file. Open your image  you wish to make old, desaturate, (if you like) and layer the paper over the top. Screen this layer as an overlay. See how it looks, tweek curves and saturation.  Fantastic! I know you will be happy with the result. Have fun. Nat





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