Photographing Small Children

Photographing small children, especially active ones, can be a challenge.  You are confronted with a child that doesnt want a stranger near them and is much happier doing his own thing.

How did I do that?

Ok, firstly make friends with the child.  If they gain your trust, you can do so much more with them. I try to sit at their level, and if  ask them to show me around their garden.  I ask them about things they like and let them wander around doing their own thing.  Its great if the parents will stay in the background, or even go and do something else.  It’s often very confronting for a child to have a huge lense staring at them.  If you have the space, try a 70-200mm lense so you can get back, out of their face a bit. I offer the reward of  bubbles, after they have played along and I have a good selection of images.  For these shots today I used a 24-105mm, f/4.0, 1/800. with a fill flash. It was a dark overcast day with those white cold, skies I complain about.  These shots make this guy look like an angel.  He was such an active kid and would prefer being rough and tumble, with a screwed up nose!  I was happy with the outcome. Till next time. Nat





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