Catching water droplets

I wanted to catch water droplets running over a face, steam and that translucency that skin gets when its wet and  I needed to practice before I did the real thing with a model for a water saving theme.

How did I do that?

I used a 50mm prime lense.  These little lenses are one of the best lenses you will ever have in your kit.  They are dirt cheap and you will get the most incredible detail. They are very sharp.  I did this at f2.0, ISO 320, Shutter 1/200. The room had those heat lamps in them and was quite a small space. Sure I could have upped the ISO to use an even faster shutter speed, but I really wanted to keep the grain down and I didnt want to use a flash. I set the WB to tungsten. I took this image to photoshop, just to adjust the colour balance a little more, (the room is made up of beige-orangey tiles)  resized the image, but added no sharpening. I really like the expressions on this little guys face, and the droplet over his left eye.  There is even a reflection in it. Till next time. Nat



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