Sally Wilson and Mark Kruger National Tour

We’ve started the promotional material for Mezzo Soprano, Sally Wilson and Concert Pianist, Mark Kruger.  They are coming to Australia for their National Tour from Belgium.  This is the promotional web flyer that will be going around.  Currently brochures are being printed and the early layout of the concert souvenir book has begun. To visit Mark To visit Sally.

I have been fortunate to not only see Sally and Mark live, but also to photograph them. Their performance is very funny, clever, witty and charming, opera is not about a fat lady singing….. oh so not about that at all, which really opened my eyes! Check them out. Nat



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2 responses to “Sally Wilson and Mark Kruger National Tour

  1. Krasimir

    I had the pleasure of knowing them personally back in Berlin.
    They are amazing people. I love them and wish them much luck and love!

  2. Yes, wonderful and talented people. Amazing performance, the whole audience were captivated and our sides split with laughter. Incredibly talented with a really modern twist. Everyone should do themselves a favour a go along. They are performing in Brisbane, Sydney, Albury, Adelaide, Melbourne and Bribie Island. If you need the booking details, flick me a line and Ill post them here. Nat

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