The Vigour Cow

The Vigour Cow in progressMeet “Parfume de Kow”, or The Vigour Cow.

I was in need of a sign, or a marker for the front of  Vigour Graphics. Big signs didnt appeal to me, and as the Vigour Graphics building is a studio separated from my home by a breeze-way, in a semi-rural area, I decided that a lifesize image of a cow would be perfect. We waited 2 months for her arrival from Melbourne and when she did we were as pleased as punch. The time frame was perfect and gave me time to think about how she should be painted, then set out to pasture in the front paddock.

In DetailI spent every Sunday I could getting a few hours in.  My skeptics, (my dear family and dear friends) watched as she came to life.  Even they have grown to love her.  The week she was finished, she ended up in a local art exhibition, (out the front on the street, more so than in the gallery) and drew a great crowd of admirers.  The following week she was invited to the local high school for Expressive Arts Week.  By now I was keen to have her home….to be continued……

Parfoom de kowHere she is at Fairway Studios Art Gallery, (above) and here she is at the high school. (below).

At the High school.

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  1. I love this cow! It’s beautiful!

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