This past week I have been working with Schofields of Goondiwindi photographing models and designing storyboards for summer television commercials. We wanted a casual, young fun feel and with the models I worked with, there was no shortage of that!  We laughed and laughed.

Its a busy week ahead with Border Living Magazine is well on its way, 4 fantastic logos to be designed, finalising a devine Logo for an Agricultural Company (that I will show you during the week), an exciting new festival logo, (which is still under wraps), the last of the Xmas catalogues that are out the door tommorrow, new coffee shop menus to print and some scratch & win cards to proof, and thats just Monday.  I’m blogging here at this time of night as I burn through 60 DVD movie disks so that tomorrow I can design the covers, print and package them off to their excited owner. My motto is: “You can sleep when you’re dead” Hope you all have a happy and productive week. Nat


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