Sunshine in her hair

Yesterday my little friend and I were walking across the paddock talking and laughing. I asked her to walk ahead so I could take some shots in the sun light of her hair. Wow, I thought, just beautiful. I looked down and reviewed my images. Yep, I have the most fantastic images ever. Hurriedly I dashed back to my studio with my heart pounding at the thought of loading my best ever images. I tweeked them and MMS’d them to two friends.  Feeling satisfied and chuffed, I awaited their critique.  “Great shot” came from one. No answer, from another.

Hmmm. Maybe not such great shots after all.

Then I realised something.

When taking images not only does there have to be great composition/creativity, technical correctness and exposure, but also emotion.  My judges did not share that emotion I had.  It wasn’t their fault. For they were not in the paddock with my little friend, in the sunshine, walking and laughing…. and so were missing that third element.  I did take the best image ever, it won’t win any awards, but for me will forever be in my mind as one of the most enjoyable afternoons I’ve had, with my little friend. Till next time. Nat



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2 responses to “Sunshine in her hair

  1. I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites

  2. amy

    I get the “emotion” thing. However, this is a lovely capture of the essence of that little girl. (or not so little anymore??) xx

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