Two lessons I learned this week.

Yesterday one of my clients came to me in tears….

Prelude: Melissa asked me to layout her life’s dream of a self published book, and that we did. A beautiful, 180 page book, with greyscale images throughout, divine colour cover to be gloss celloglased and perfect bound. The artwork came together beautifully.

On the final proof, Melissa mentioned she had spoken to someone at she had found on the web, regarding having the book printed and supplied. The “other company” could do the print job cheaper than us. “Thats fine. no problem.” I said, and prepared the files to be sent to other company. The files were a print masters dream. Correctly laid out, perfect files, accurate and all the hard work done.  Melissa had to pay the thousands of dollars up front and excitedly waited for the finished books to arrive. I was excited too.

Yesterday: 6 weeks later the job had been delivered. The cover was beautiful. The book had a nice weight, and initially looked fine.

But disaster….

On closer inspection, the spine of the books were crooked, the gloss celloglase was peeling off at the edges, the images had no mid tones in them and each of the 1,000 copies was MISSING 6 PAGES!!

Other company refused to negotiate a reprint, suddenly no-one could speak english, and they seem to have dropped off the planet.

A valuable and costly lesson learnt.  My poor client….

As family business’, Spotcolour and Vigour Graphics look after Book printing and binding all the time. Our products are never let out the door unless they are perfect.   Printing off shore, in Hong Kong, not only is risky when a disaster happens like this, but it takes valuable jobs from Australian shores.  Weigh up all the pro’s and con’s carefully before you manufacture overseas. The job may be cheaper, but usually so are the materials, the care factor, the quality and workmanship.

Melissa saved only $300, but now has a car garage full of useless, wasted books. I’m heartbroken for her. *Name has been changed.

Now for a change of pace….

I thought I would share with you an image I took of a super cute nephew of mine. Sometimes everything becomes so busy that we forget to take the time to stop, and “just breath”. Its the little things like this face that are far more important than all the other goings on in the world.  Try to be “present” in little peoples lives, even if they are “big”, little people.  Thats my second lesson I wanted to share this week. Till next time. Nat


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4 responses to “Two lessons I learned this week.

  1. Wow, total bummer for your client . . . and disappointing for you after doing all that work.

    Love the juxtaposition with your super cute nephew!

  2. Thanks Susan, I had to go look that one up!! Nat

  3. Oh my goodness. What a disaster!
    A good lesson for a lot of people..

    Have a happy day!
    xx Amy

  4. Wendy

    This little face looks very familiar!

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