Vintage Camera Mamiya C220 (Some fun!)

So here is what I did with the Mamiya. These are images taken by my camera through the veiw finder of the Mamiya.
Arnt they great!!!!

Around the house.

Little Mr. is happy to pose for me.

Four legged friends my only models, (everyone left me as I was being too bossy…)

Then Kotty(Cat) and Fraser(Dog) also ran away, so then I had to resort to dolls……

Old scales.

But then….

I found everyone hiding over at the old truck, …….I had the cherubs surrounded.

And then around the garden.

This is how I did it.

I attached a neck strap to the old camera for safety, and focused on my subject. Then I took the image with my camera over the top. So much harder than it looks, but heaps of fun. I cropped the images in Photoshop.

Here is an image unedited or cropped. (below)

I had a ball. Not only did I learn alot, but just love my authentic (well kind of..) Vintage images!. Thanks for trusting me with you camera collection Dad.

Till next time. Nat

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One response to “Vintage Camera Mamiya C220 (Some fun!)

  1. Big Pop

    Everything old is new again!

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