Photography Course with Chris Bray

On Saturday I dashed across to Brisbane for a 1 day course with Chris Bray.

On the way over, I stopped to take some images of some hot air balloons. It was too cold out at 6am so I made it quick!

The course was held at the Treasury Casino Hotel, a grand and historic building, with fantastic architecture. After meeting everyone and a run through of the day/evening, we went through some basics and then it was out into the street to sharpen these up with some panning skills showing movement.

Im not sure what the motorists thought when they came around the corner and were confronted by a row of Paparazzi!

It was fun just being out in the street. I was easily distracted.

Back to the Hotel for some more theory and then out into the street again. Always the last one back, I really enjoyed getting some urban medicine.

We headed over the bridge and set about capturing South Bank, but I just couldn’t stay away from the beautiful skyline shots.

I really like this image and the wide angle.

After wondering around South Bank, we went back to critique our favourite shots.  I can’t show you my favourite as I included close ups of people, (with their permission, of course!) but I assured them they wouldn’t be published.

Next we went out and did some night time images

and  played around with laser light painting. (below)

It was a great day, Chris and Jess were fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, picked up lots of useful information, had the opportunity to talk with like minded people, trialed some different lenses and sharpen up my skills.  Chris shared stories about his wild adventures and talked us through how to stalk a polar bear as well as other wild animals. Fascinating stuff.

On the way home on Sunday, the Sorghum was ready to be harvested, so I stopped to get some stock photos.

If you are thinking of doing a course with Chris Bray, dont hesitate. A very valuable day indeed, extremely knowledgeable, fun and a fascinating person to talk to. I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a happy and productive week, wherever you may be. Nat


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One response to “Photography Course with Chris Bray

  1. BREATHTAKING shots, Nat.
    I was on the edge of my seat for them all to load up!

    Fab job on the Plucked Duck website too.

    xx Amy

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