Whales in Stormy Skys

My family and I went on a mini-winter-holiday to the Gold Coast, Queensland. The highlight of our trip was going out with Whales in Paradise to do some whale watching. These are the most amazing creatures.  As a personal project I wanted to photograph them breaching. So here they are.

Have you every seen a flying fish? Yes they really fly. They wiggle their tail and use it as a rudder till they become air-borne, then sail along using that top fin as a sail.

Here is another way to sail!

Till next time. Nat



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3 responses to “Whales in Stormy Skys

  1. Fantastic shots. I’m so jealous that you saw these magnificient whales… *sighs* Great stuff. I’d say it was a real experience…

  2. You got some great shots, especially of the flying fish! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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