North Star Trail Ride Rescue

Here are some images I took last night at the North Star Trail Ride.  Not alot here on motor bikes and day stunts, (you’ll have to grab the Goondiwindi Argus  newspaper for those) but interesting non the less. The top one is of the Lismore Westpac Rescue Chopper. It came in on a retrieval of a young guy with a fractured leg. It landed in the oval next to the trail ride event. I took these images with a 70-200 lense, wacked the ISO up to 5000 and took them hand held at f/2.8. I had to sit down and rest my camera on my foot as I didnt have a tripod. Best I could do in complete darkness!

The others I think are cool because of the white flood lights catching the dust and making fantastic silhouettes. The last one of the children is my fave. Its been such a busy time! Hundreds of images to wade through and no time to do it!! Some great new design projects on the go too. Happy Days! Nat



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2 responses to “North Star Trail Ride Rescue

  1. Awesome pics Nat. Some of them remind me of scenes from the movie E.T.

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