26 Smiles

It’s late and today has been a long “ratty” day. I looked over my book and feel like I haven’t achieved a thing.  Nothing to tick off the job board.

The benefits of being freelance means you can set your own hours and work at your own pace.(!) The downfall is often you suddenly have too much on, or the proofs you’ve been waiting on all week, suddenly come back in one hour, then everyone wants everything yesterday!  Even spreading the work load out, setting realistic time frames and scheduling jobs for a particular day can go to poop in a minute.  So, in saying that, I was on the phone all day today, speaking with clients, doing up quotes, returning messages and chasing up jobs that should have arrived on freight, answering questions and taking bookings…..I didnt have a moment to spare.  I ran around like a mad thing!

And still nothing to tick off the job board…

No matter, tomorrow is a new day.  A new day to start a fresh with my lovely clients. As I was packing up, I thought of you, so I quickly put together  3 storyboards of some recent images. There are about 26 smiles here….too nice to miss out on and too nice not to share.

Have a happy week where ever you may be. Nat


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3 responses to “26 Smiles

  1. Max

    What great looking ‘country kids’ with the world at their feet and not a care in the world.

    Cool pics of the bike event as well on your last blog.

    Those hand held photos must have been before the red wine around the campfire ..I bet!

  2. Sarah Lucas

    I am loving the photos!
    But cant get over how long your hair was here!!! OMG , now i know what u were talking about! 😉 xx

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