Visitors Information Centre Banner

I’m sitting here waiting for some large files to leave, via Yousendit. Fantastic program I use to ship big files around the world. When I say waiting, well, its FAST, lighting fast. So I really only have 5 mins to wait. Go check it out. I use it every day.

Anyhow, if you have been following this blog for a while, you’ll remember I travelled all over the region taking stock photos for the Goondiwindi Regional Council and more recently how we were designing a banner using those images, for the local Visitors Information Centre.  Gundy Signs was to print the 8metre Banner and Tom Tarps to do the edges and rope.

Yesterday it was all finished and when I heard it was being installed I came straight over to see it. Im really happy with the results. The artwork came up perfectly and the colours exactly how I imagined. Opening day is 5th August. Im thinking I wont be able to get a clear shot of it for all the people. So here it is early…. Sorry, I couldnt wait!

Ok, back to it. Its Friday and the day is evaporating before me. Have a happy and relaxing weekend. Where ever you may be. Nat



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8 responses to “Visitors Information Centre Banner

  1. Max

    Looks great Natalie – can’t wait to get lost in Gundi so I can consult the directory!

  2. Its a great place to get lost in! Nat

  3. Nice work it looks great!

  4. rebecca

    hey i know your just showing off our local talent and views of gundy.( aka the tradies) ahh…. what local talent we have out this way.
    ps nice banner, great job you talented lady.
    the boys did a great job.

    also getting lost out this way isn’t a bad thing, we then only discover more treasures around.
    well that enough from me i going to bed!!!!!!! another late night

  5. Hi Nat – WOW that is impressive!
    You have some fantastic shots here on the blog lately. Your whale with the GC in the background is OUTSTANDING as is the chopper.
    Have a great weekend!
    xx Amy

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