Well Hello There!

Seems like forever since I have posted.  Ive spent the last 2 weeks laying out Border Living Magazine. Its off to press as we speak, and what an issue it is! 56 pages of stories, photos and a big dose of passion, (thats my bit I put in!), beautiful glossy cover and new heavier weight paper, with the new page dimensions-you’ll be able to take a bath in it!

I have a heap to share with you, and will over the next few days. As I get my headspace back.

But for now, here is the Goondiwindi Regional Council’s new pull up banners and giant pop out banner we designed recently. These are really vibrant and eye catching. Great for trade fairs, advertising your business or sending a message.  Easy to transport, they fold down like a tent. I think they are just great!

Till next time. Nat



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2 responses to “Well Hello There!

  1. Max

    The banners look great Natalie – they are so portable nowadays – a big improvement on the “Preying Mantice” like stick frame work of earlier banners.

    How is the large banner supported?

    You putting some good work out there…
    you are certainly switched on!

    • Nat

      The large banner has a frame that zig zags like a Mechano set and disappears into a carry bag. The actual images are printed on a durable fabric that attaches with velcro.

      The pull up banners pull up out of the stand like a blind, and a stick clicks up to hold it there. They are both really stable, and the pull up banners fold down small enough to carry onto an aircraft.

      Thanks for your comment-especially because its you! Nat

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