Friendship Day

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of a schools “Friendship Day”. Im not an especially “Good Mum”, ie Attending canteen, cake making, stalls and fundraising….so I always make a special effort for Friendship Day to help out.  My own children just burst with pride and delight in helping me buy and prepare for the day with materials. They help by checking off my list and packing the car. This year I wanted to show the children in my group how to make a little vintage book.

So I went down to the second hand bookshop and bought 30 old Readers Digest. They are mass produced, so I didn’t feel too guilty about ruining old books. It was more “recycling” in my mind… I glued the pages together and glued the books open.

On the day, the children decorated them with glue, buttons, little flower buds, and we rolled the corners of the pages up. Then we spray painted them out on the grass.

They glued photos, a verse or a picture in once the book was dry. Here is my group, (don’t they wear funny safety glasses this bunch….?!) and as you can see by their smiley faces, they were very happy with their creations.

Here are some finished books. They look great when they are propped up in a plate stand. My new little friends on Friendship Day were pleased as punch. One of the students said to me, “My Mumma’s gonna cry when she gets this!”  Awwwwwww!!

Thanks for visiting. Nat


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  1. Nat: This is such a cool project! I think you proved yourself to be a “Good Mum!”

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