Pregnancy Portraits

I was over the moon to do Pregnancy Portraits for J and D a couple of weeks ago. This is their very first baby and they are so very excited. A beautiful, young couple, vibrant and sparkly. I was so chuffed when J said, “We dont mind, we are up for anything”. So as you can imagine, I wanted to do something unique for them.  I started out with the traditional images, the ones for the baby book, but then I took it a few steps further.

Thank you J and D for a wonderful afternoon, and allowing us to share. Next week we have some Seniors Photo shoots on. (The “Graduating from High School” kind). Email me or give me a call if you’d like a session, any kind, especially if you are after something a little different and heaps of fun! Hope you are having a happy day and thanks for visiting. Nat


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  1. Breathtaking, Nat. Oh my goodness.

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