Trespassing Is Fun.

Today I thought I would take you somewhere sweet.

This beautiful countryside is at Dorrigo NSW, and these beautiful faces are Holstein-Friesian Dairy Cows.  What a sensational part of the world! I had to wrangle a barbed wire fence, mud and poop to get these ladies.

As a photographer, I love to trespass and I know its naughty, but its the thrill to get that better angle. (Come on now…I know Im not the only one here!!) Not only do I jump fences, enter deserted buildings, and climb scaffolding, I also like to enter areas that are restricted.  If you have what looks like “an important camera”, and you give the policeman that “official knowing nodd”, then you’ve pretty much got a ticket to everywhere.

Te He….I’ll do anything to get that good shot. All harmlessly of course.

Till next time, Nat


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One response to “Trespassing Is Fun.

  1. I do the same thing, Nat! Always act like you belong there. I especially like your second photo . . . just something about that rundown building and the cows. Thanks for taking us along!

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