We are in flood

After 3 days of inches and inches of rain, here is our creek in flood. Here are some before and after images. Above, this is this morning. Below is 12 months ago when I was practicing with time exposures. Yes, that is the same tree, can you see how deep the water is!

Again, this image above is this morning, and the one below is last year.

Below is a wider shot.

And here is Fraser having a paddle.

I would have walked around for more but there were so many Black Snakes that had be washed up, I almost stood on 2, and I was afraid Fraser would be bitten. Till next time. Nat



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4 responses to “We are in flood

  1. Wow, Nat! Snakes and high water? Not for me! Hope all returns to normal soon.

  2. Eliza

    wow aunty nat almost every time i play games on the internet(which is hardly ever) i always have to check out your pictures on this website to see if they have changed. And guess what I want to be when i grow up… a photographer.

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