Banners, Spas and Canvas’…

Here are the Goondiwindi Regional Council RADF Pull Up Banners! I just love them! Bright, fun and purposeful. They are to go up at events to show sponsorship. With an open design brief, I am able to perform at my best because I am not damped down by preconceived ideas, I just love it when I am allowed to design with freedom. These are so vibrant and will look great at Events. I love the swishy watercolour theme.

Business cards, Business Cards, Beautiful Business Cards. SFM, Comfort Inn, Gundy Star Tourist Park, RPMS, Chandler Communications, TSG, Goondiwindi Physiotherapy Centre and Gundy Boarding Kennels are our Rising Stars in business cards for this week.

Exciting news, Goondiwindi now has an Artesian Spa! The water is warm and rich in minerals, Artesian water been used for many years in the treatment of aches, pains and skin conditions. The water has sunk underground and been super heated, then as it rises back up, it it captured. Gerry (owner) says the water may be rain that fell over 10,000 years ago. (which I thought was rather interesting…) The pools are a comfy 38dc so can be used all year round. Above is the new brochures about the Spa, and also the Gundy Star Tourist Park, which is where the spa is located. Its open to the public too, 7 days a week.

I am food mad. Can you imagine……. Chicken Camembert Parcels with Asparagus, wrapped in Filo and baked, OR Lamb Borgini with mash potato, peas and sweet potato crisps? OMG, Im starving! Well this is what is hot on the new menus at “The Town House” Goondiwindi. Yummo! My mouth was watering the whole time while designing these fabulous new menus!

How sensational is this letterhead stationery for Insight Business and Financial Planners. The whole back of the page is covered in words and in a vibrant red. Really reflects the culture of this vibrant, progressive,  pro-active business. The back of their business cards match too. Currently we are also nutting out note pads and more business cards.

Kathryn Nowlan has some fresh letter head stationary as well. Can you pick what she is? Yes, a Nutritionist. Lovely crisp fresh apples!

We have just finished the wedding stationary for this lovely couple, and I thought I would show you the large canvas we have done for them. This is to be used at the wedding for guests to sign and write their best wishes on. What a neat idea. Beats the calico teddy I had at my wedding 16 years ago!

While we are on the subject of canvas, Xmas orders are coming in, and here are some from a photo shoot I did earlier in the year. Let me know your orders now, so we have plenty of time before Xmas sneaks up on us.

Here is the corner finish. The canvas is printed with pigment inks, super fine waved quality canvas, (so even the fine details are still sharp), the image is then laminated and stretched on Eco-selected hard wood. Verrry nice quality indeed!

So, Bec and I are busy working on school calendars from across the region, in between that, we have been out on wedding, family reunion, agricultural and family photo shoots. I have 4 websites under construction that I will share with you next week, and a bucket load of offset printing jobs turning around. Im off to Bundaburg for a wedding shoot this weekend, so its been a busy time here for us. Thanks for stopping by. Have a happy day, talk next week. Nat


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4 responses to “Banners, Spas and Canvas’…

  1. Max

    G’day Nat,

    Banners look good – I’m keen to look at the canvasses up close one day – endless possibilities.

  2. All your work looks great, Nat, but I really love the banners! Wish I could see them in person.

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