International Aperture Awards

In the 8 weeks before Xmas, the Graphic Design, Photography and Printing industry is frantic.  It’s a massive slog until a fortnight before Xmas Day, then everything calms down. I guess if the Xmas catalogues, cards, retail advertising and business promo work is not done by then, well, the boat has been missed. So essentially that is why I have been so distant in blog land. I have been working as hard as I can, every waking moment, knowing that in 2 weeks, everything will be………..calm….

Border Living Magazine is under way as well, and I have heaps of fabulous new work to show you, but for now, I wanted to share what came in my mailbox this morning. The International Aperture Awards is my favourite competition, I enter every year, and I enter in the Pro-photographer Section to really test myself. The competition is stiff. But Im pleased to say I entered 3 images, and recieved 3 awards this year, and Im as pleased as punch!

So now I have to come back down to earth and get on with my work. It will be hard to sit still!

Have a happy day where ever you may be. Nat



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2 responses to “International Aperture Awards

  1. Wow, Nat, congrats! Those awards are well-deserved; I love all three photos.

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