20 Great Things I Did In 2010

Inspired by other Bloggers here is my list of “Great Things I Did” this last year…

1.Redecorated my house in white.
2.Wore a Sari to an Indian Curry Night
3.Visited my childhood home.
4.Laughed so hard, I cried.
5.Kept a diary.
6.Won prizes for my photography.
7.Mastered the perfect Laksa.
8.Went on holidays and swam with dolphins.
9.Made my deadlines.
10.Ate more Quince Paste and Costello White than I should.
11.Posted on Face book after 2 years of ignoring it.
12.Had a mini Art Exhibition.
13.Fell more in love with my family.
14.Tried to always use correct punctuation and caps in my emails and texts.
15.Rubbed shoulders with some very talented and famous designers and photographers.
16.Phoned my parents at least every other day, without wanting something.
17.Practised saying “No” and it didn’t hurt a bit.
18.Had work published in 4 magazines.
19.Grew purple flowers.
20.Felt happier than I have ever felt in my life.

Till next time. Nat


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