Ok, so there is a big ‘ol elephant in the room right now. That elephant, my friends is the Queensland floods here in Australia.

The loss of lives, the devastation, the heartbreak.  The fear of not knowing where your family and friends are. The fear for safety for those around you, and the “just not knowing” where the water will come and go…

Here in South West Queensland we had a fantastic communication system, and plenty of warning the water was coming. Facebook updates from the Regional Council, every hour. Tv and Radio broadcasts, and automated telephone warnings ringing in the night. But despite reassurances, I have never been so afraid in my life.

Here is my story.

Thursday night we waited. My husband was out with his work, helping to manage the impending disaster. I spent all day moving things to higher areas, putting everything on the verandah of the house. Disconnecting hard drives, printers, packing work files and putting them in the car, along with photos, personal effects, a change of clothes for us, and swags. Friends were sandbagging their houses. The phones were ringing, offers of help. The thought of the water coming up at night was terrifying.

By 4am, nothing had happened. Evacuation was optional at this stage. I decided I wouldn’t be leaving until the Level 2 warnings came. Exhausted I went to bed. I made the kids sleep upstairs.

Friday morning and still nothing. I actually became a little angry. Ive done all this preparation, by the book, and its a fizzer!

But Im glad I did. On Friday at midday, up she came. It didn’t start as a trickle. It rose over a metre in height in the first hour, then began to slow as it spread across the paddocks. Luckily all the animals had been moved to the show grounds the day before. By 5 o’clock it was waist deep. Slow moving. Bizarre things started floating past. Drums, shoes, a lunch box, car tires, fish. Then the rising stopped. It stopped at our house pad and we were on a beautiful island. Cut off, but safe. I suddenly realised we were in the safest place we could be.

Celebrations! Husband was home, the water was here, we were all safe. We spent the next 3 days visiting other isolated neighbours. Wading across paddocks to their houses for coffee. Sitting on their back porches, dangling feet in the water, waving to boats that zoomed by, and talking with randoms that pulled in along side.

I am so grateful. My heart breaks for all those who have suffered. My experience is such a “nothing” compared to theirs.

Till next time. Nat



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2 responses to “Floods….okay.

  1. Wow, Nat! What a story and what amazing photos!! I’m glad your house was spared, although I’m sad for those who were affected. We went through Hurricane Ike a few years ago, and that was the scariest experience of my life! So much wind and worrying about what could happen. Fortunately, we had very little damage at our house, too. The worst part? The kids were off school for two weeks, because some people had no electricity.

  2. Hi Susan, I cant even imagine a hurricane! We were so lucky and I now realise what a good spot we are in. Peculiar how water travels in unexpected ways. Now its heading south to Victoria, and people are being evacuated there as we speak. This whole series of events has really been a wake up to us all about what really matters. Family, friends, life, things that are irreplaceable.

    On a lighter note, the worst things for us now is the smell and the mosquitos. They crunch like celery when you swat them, they are so big!! Nat

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