Featuring Artwork

Hi, and welcome. I wanted to share this weeks work that features “illustration” with you today. These are my faves. 

Gourmet in Gundy, Paddock to plate Logo for 2011. Simple and fun, its already proving to be a winner. I’ve had comments already about it and that usually means its working.

I love this logo we have designed for MacIntyre Mower Centre. It’s fresh, and really talks on its own.

We have designed the new Gundy Youth Studio T-Shirts. I cant wait to see this dance group all wearing these together. The shirts wont always be white, but it gives you the idea.

Tickets for the Sportsmans Dinner.

A new map for the cemetery. (Its very historic.)

And re-jig posters for the Anishinnebek Indigenous Dance Troupe that will be touring Australia this year. Don’t the costumes and the dancing look sensational! Im hoping I may be lucky enough to photograph them as well.

Hope you have a great weekend. Nat


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