It’s Autumn in Texas

Texas (Queensland, Australia) Would have to be one of the most beautiful places at this time of year. A quaint country town, bustling with an undercurrent of activity from lively locals, just an hour away. Any day of the week you can stop in for a coffee and cake, meander down the street, stop and talk like old friends for a while…. even if you’ve never met. I call in to the coffee shop and I swear I am having de ja vou.

Vivid colours of orange and yellow from the poplar trees line the road. There are marine blue skies with streaky clouds from days now turning cooler. Quirky heritage listed buildings with funny front gates, painted in pink, aqua or yellow.

Thats what I like about living in this part of the world, its beautiful in the most unexpected places, especially when its Autumn in Texas.

Till next time, be happy. Nat



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2 responses to “It’s Autumn in Texas

  1. Lovely photos as always, Nat, especially the third one. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a sky like that here in the great state of Texas where we are having a beautiful spring.

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