Awesome April

I can’t believe we are half way through April already. Im still in late January mode! The year is flying by so fast, surely Easter is early this year?

I have a whole bundle of newbies this week, and it was really hard to choose just a few Rising Stars to share with you. So here are my faves…

These are funky Social Cards for a Mother of The Year. These are matt finish and look like a little gift. You don’t have to own a business to need cards. Social cards are perfect for networking and making new contacts.

Vigour Graphics has just completed the corporate branding of CJM CIVIL. A bright energetic Colour scheme, Logo, with all new Stationery. Files have been prepared and sent over for embroidery onto shirts and for signs on the sides of trucks. Here are their super executive business cards. I love these colours.

Since rebuilding our website, , …nothing matches anymore… so, new business cards for me!  Yay, even I get excited! Nice light & fresh.

The Hair Company have their business cards ready. We put enough room for forward-booking of multiple appointments. Not only does this “save the trees” a bit, but it makes good business sense. The client can choose the times they like best and the salon can forward-plan staffing.

Star Charts and Tarot Reading Cards for a Clairvoyant. We designed a mystic universe and galaxy for the backgound. Simple design, but speaks the right message.

Just Holla For The Handyman! If  you need to get small to medium jobs done around the house, or around the shop, then this business card is for you. Mark was after something a bit funny, a bit light hearted, so we did these up for him. If you know Mark, they suit him to a T.

Here are the new With Compliments Slips for RPMS. In their new corporate branding.

Some lovely Baptism card/certificates, in a firm card stock with glossy fronts. These are be presented to the parents or guardians of the new baby. On the back there is the “promise” and areas to fill in so they are very personalised.

A white wedding and Thank you cards from a Bride and Groom to send out to their guests. Each of these were personalised with envelopes to match.

Speaking of white, did you know Cotton is graded? It comes in different physical standards, depending on where it is grown and its variety.  It needs to be tested to determine its colour, staple length, strength, and other qualities and properties. The buyer or manufacturer wants samples. These stickers on rolls, (above) are quite large. They are used to stick on samples before they go overseas. Goondiwindi has one of the highest grades of cotton in the world.

Drought breaking Drink Tickets; With the local Show only just around the corner, The Apex Club is making sure that no-one goes thirsty. If I told you how many drink tickets we have supplied for this years show, you simply would not believe me. (I have to laugh though!)

I hope April has been awesome for you, thanks for visiting. Nat



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2 responses to “Awesome April

  1. Max

    Great variety of work Natalie – only the imagination is the limit

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