The Honey Pot

Here are Banners designed by Vigour Graphics.

You’ll recognise my photography, as well as that of award winning photographers Janet Doyle PSQ (Fishing Boys) and Rebecca Cover “Out & About Photography” (Race Horse, Bike Riders, Swimmers).

There are 22 in total. Each at over 2m high and 700mm wide, it was quite a feat. Our existing street lighting needed upgrading for safety. That left 11 gorgeous art-deco style poles (that are a part of our town heritage), with no particular purpose at all. So in consultation with Goondiwindi Regional Council, Vigour Graphics designed an avenue of 22 banners, depicting the spirit of our town, to go on the top of these art-deco poles.

Here is before. (above)

And here is after. (UV was a bit high this day, but you get the gist.)

Here is a close up…see the beautiful matt black wrought iron with our famous Gunsynd on top, Vigour Graphics designed the cut-out of him as well, these were carefully laser cut in Inverell NSW. The talent and skill of RPMS, Full Boar Welding and Council took care of the rest.

As part of our main street beautification, I think these make a nice start, but there is so much more to this story than saving the art-deco poles.

In order to maintain the viability of our regional communities, like Goondiwindi, we have to make them a great place to live, economically, socially and aesthetically. We need to keep them vibrant and evolving for our children and our grandchildren. We need to attract people, families, business and industry to come, stay and grow. So think of it like this:

“Make our community a honey pot…then all the bees will come.” Hamish Gale 2011

This is one small step of a bigger plan in the right direction. Have a happy day. Nat



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4 responses to “The Honey Pot

  1. How proud you must be when you see your banners on these lovely poles, Nat!

  2. Hey – those look terrific, Nat! I even see some friendly faces that I know. Love it.

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