The Perfect Surprise.

Howdy! A happy start to your weekend!

Today is Friday here, and I am so excited! I wanted to share with you a wonderful surprise I received in the mail, only 20 mins ago.

A Book!

Nicole Alexander, a wonderful lady, talented author and friend, posted her new novel to me, A Changing Land.  Oh-my-goodness… (squeek!) did I tell you that I am so excited! Its perfect timing. I am going to wisk it away with me to cosy corner and read it all up this weekend. This book is the sequel to Nicole’s best selling book “The Bark Cutters”, which is one of my, and my family’s all time favourite books.

Here is Nicole (in the middle) at last years “Moree on a Plate” Food festival.

Have a wonderful weekend, where ever you may be. Can you believe how lucky I am!  Thanks Nicole, you’ve made my day. Nat


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One response to “The Perfect Surprise.

  1. Nat, hope you enjoy! Good timing arriving on a friday…
    Nicole x

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