The Mint Lawn…

Here is my TTV (Thru The Veiwfinder) image called “Jacaranda Day” That I created about a year ago.

When Award Winning Book Cover designer Sandy Cull, contacted me to use this image on the front of Gillian Spears new Novel “The Mint Lawn”, I was delighted.

Doesn’t it look great!

Have a fabulous day, Nat


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5 responses to “The Mint Lawn…

  1. Bec

    WOW that’s fabulous, Great job Nat… Famous again can I get a copy one day it might be worth something.

  2. Max

    That must have been taken through the viewfinder of a double lens 120 camera i bet! – you’ve got some good gear.

  3. Deana Donpon

    Congratulations Nat

  4. Thanks for the comments and support everyone.

  5. Stunning photo, Nat! Way to go!!

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