The Wonderful Change.

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy around here, but I just love, love, love what I do, so I’m not complaining. The seasons are changing and spring is waking this part of the world up from it’s wintery snooze. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather, the businesses bustling with people in the main street, the food festivals in our region, the weddings, the BBQ’s and eating outside with family and friends, the new lambs in the paddock across the road, the flowers in our yards and to throwing every door and window wide open to bring in the fresh spring air. I hope you are feeling the wonderful change that is upon us.

Here are my Rising Stars for this week.

The Historic Victoria Hotel has some authentic “old” brochures for their Beer and Bull Tours. Becoming very popular, you’ll need to book ahead. I hear they are very funny and very interesting. And comes with a delicious lunch on the verandah at the end.

The Goondiwindi Botanic Garden have some informative brochures about their Gardens. Support this progressive group and visit the Gardens, you’ll see all our aluminium signs along the pathways and the new stage will be been hosting some amazing events.

Fabulous Mother Goose cards. Visit and browse through their wonderful products.

Border Living Media Packs, especially for advertisers, make it really easy to advertise, with current rates and booking form attached.

And here is a super clever little business card, where the front and back match in words, but still works as a single business card. Watch this space, this lady is going places…

Till next time, have a fabulicious day. Nat


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