Celebrating 100 years

What a fabulicious day! The sun is shining and everything in this part of the world is beyond good.  St Mary’s Parish School Goondiwindi is celebrating 100 years. Here is the Centenary book, (compiled by Ros Phillips) there are articles, memoirs, memorabilia, photos, dates and events from the past 100 years. Vigour Graphics has designed the book covers, wine labels and advertising.  This weekend is the St Mary’s Moonlight Carnival and reunion. The program of events kicks off at 3pm on Saturday the 29th. There is the usual carnival activities along with singing and dancing by the children. If you are part of the St Mary’s community, or even if you are not, there is a warm welcome waiting for you on their centenary year.

Let this be a time to re-kindle old friendships and make new ones, wherever in the world you may be, till next time. Nat


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One response to “Celebrating 100 years

  1. Big weekend for Gundy town!

    Thanks for your kind words the other day. It lifted my spirits!

    xx amy

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