There are all kinds…

Isnt it great how different we all are.

Think about it.

All over the world, zillions of people have business and social cards, and no 2 are the same. Something so small as a business card can communicate a primary focus, a service, a skill or product and the contact details in infinite ways. Sure, there will always be copycats and coattail riders in the world, but essentially every card in the world is and should be different, like a fingerprint.

Here are my pick of this weeks cards, every single one is vastly different.

Anjewels and Gems, lovely jewel-tone gradients for Karen. We developed the angel halo over the A about 5 years ago now.

New Logo designed and business cards, this is Matt’s Trademark hat he wears, that has become the corporate image for IT4Doctors.

The Westmar Roadhouse has that saloon style to it. I can hear the piano playing from here!

Direct Farm Supplies, new logo and Business cards. The brown is the soil, the green the crops and the blue the water, all weaving together, relying on each other for their performance. I wanted this to be quite smart and intellectual looking but reflect agriculture as a science. DFS are really happy with this, we have magnets, docket books, website etc all in the wings.

You at Georgies Business cards, clean white against chocolate brown.

And this is a cutie. Maxine’s Dog Grooming. My little dog looked just like this as a pup.

I hope you are having a happy day, where ever you may be, in you own individual style.  Nat

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