Vernon and the Caveman

Remember the floods in January. Gerry used the images I took during that time, on the front of the 2011-12 edition of Pocket Book.(Pocket Book is a handy little regional phone book.)

You may not know but a levee bank protects our town and we have Vernon Redmond to thank for that. In 1956 he rode around in a boat, as the town was engulfed by floods for the 3rd time. He marked the trees as he went with an axe at the water level. After funding refusals, the town council borrowed most of the 57,000 pound needed to build a levee at the correct height and complete the project. Since then millions of dollars have been saved as our town remains safe and dry.

Sometimes it takes forward thinkers and people who think outside the square to make change, even when there is resistance.  We need to embrace forward thinkers, people who have visions for change. Sometimes they can see further than us. Don’t reject what is foreign or a new way of thinking as wrong, give it a chance.

I always remind myself of this: “In cave-man times, if there were no forward thinkers that decided to put a bearskin over their shoulders against the cold, and dare to be different, then we all would still be naked.” N. Fogarty 2011

Thanks Vernon, thanks for our levee, thanks caveman, and thank goodness we aren’t still naked! Till next time. Nat


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