Ken the Blacksmith

Recently my family and I attended the Nobby Heritage Festival. An amazing weekend of nostalgia with music, museums, fashion parades, poetry, food, dancing and displays of anything yesteryear. In the afternoon we were treated to a display at the Nobby Forge and Vintage Museum, this was my favourite part and here is a visual journey of the afternoon.

Meet Ken.

He is a Blacksmith and a Wheelwright.

He makes all kinds of things… like envelope openers,

…horse shoes, of all sizes.

and making people laugh. But I think he makes the novelties just to entertain the tourists.

He is a master of his trade, and took the time to talk us through every step from heating materials and measuring the job, to allowing for contractions and bending at the correct temperature.

He shared some history about Nobby as well.

Then we went outside to a strange circular fire. This is where the wheel from a wagon was heated. It was refitted snugly to a newly repaired wheel. See the giant ones in the background, well he does those too.

The wheel was cooled and hit with hammers to sit flat.

Questions were asked and answered.

Here is the outside of the Blacksmith shed. The old truck out the front really goes. How do I know…I saw (and heard) Ken drive it out there.

What a fantastic festival and what a relaxing way to teach our kids about how things used to be. Bye for now. Nat


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