The Vintage Icing Set and the Ginger Bread

I’m not much of the sweet cooking kind of girl. But in my travels I found this replica Vintage Cake Decorating Set. It’s been pouring rain on and off all day, and my cherubs are both on play-dates.

Time for me to have some domestic fun! See there is even an old recipe book inside. There are lots of nozzles for different shapes.
…Hopefully there will be something nice to eat at the end of all this…

I’m making Ginger Bread.

Here is the Recipe:

125g butter
A quarter of a cup of Brown Sugar
One third of a cup of Treacle
1 egg
2 and a half cups SR Flour
1 tablespoon Ginger
1 teaspoon Mixed spice

Mix brown sugar and treacle in a bowl, beat till light and creamy. Add egg and fold thru flour, ginger and spices. Turn out onto a peice of Plastic film (lunch wrap) and roll out between two peices. If its hard to handle, pop it in the refrigerater for 10 mins. Cut out shapes with cutters. Bake at 180 deg C. Till lightly browned.

1 eggwhite
2 cups pure icing sugar
1 tsp lemon juice.
Mix untill like smooth honey consistency, and pop in piping bag. (this is the best bit). Pipe on cool Biscuits.
Set aside and the icing sets hard.

This is kind of fun!

Graphic designer plays biscuit decorator. Pft!

I just scribbled and criss crossed and traced around the edges.

So, these are the best ones… Ill keep for the visitors.

While Husband has the “seconds” for afternoon tea. Thanks for visiting. It’s very Christmassy around here!. Nat


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2 responses to “The Vintage Icing Set and the Ginger Bread

  1. Max

    How annoying…. is there a boundary to your creativity and talent?
    …I bet you can’t shoe a horse!

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