Simple words with wooden letters.

Well, the guy in the big red suit is well and truly on his way, and the countdown is on. Everything is a bit sideways here, the house is busy with my children, neighbours children and friends coming and going. Cousins have come to stay and there is some secret pressy squeezing going on in stolen moments.

We seem to be setting the table and sitting down to big meals every single day. Its the most fabulous time of year.

I decorated with simple things this year.  Like baubles in a glass hurricane lamp for the table centre piece.

Simple words with wooden letters.

A string of advent bags with a chocolate frog in each.

Small branches snipped from a fir tree outside makes my little bird collections more festive.

Today I’m tying up the last few loose ends at work and, except for one delivery, and a pickup in the morning, I’m pretty much done-ski. Its been a marathon month. Im so excited about a break. I think really deserve it. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and friends, however you may celebrate…wherever you may be. Nat


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2 responses to “Simple words with wooden letters.

  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for linking up at FNF! 🙂

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