An Environmental Message Sent

The Tamworth Regional Gallery  is one of the oldest regional galleries in New South Wales, established in 1919, it has amazing permanent collections, and many travelling collections all through the year. Here is an exhibition we visited last winter.

People had made all kinds of squares. Some were complex and some really simple.

The aim is to send a message and commemorate the loss or extinction of a plant or animal. We made squares and slid them into a pocket on a giant banner. Mine is Forests, others did Dolphins, Dinosaurs and Whales.

The amazing thing was that the room was FULL of banners.

The banners were being made all over the world simultaneously , to finally join up to be one big banner.

We were really taken by them. It was a really powerful environmental message.

I’ve never been able to find out what happened to the project or where they all ended up.

It was great to be a part of it none the less and I think it’s really important to expose children to art. I’m a big fan of Interactive Art~ especially when it serves a purpose or sends a message. Why not stop by your local Art Gallery and take a moment to see what others are saying and what is happening in the art world, you will be amazed at what is happening out there!

Thanks for visiting, till next time Nat.


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