Grinners are Winners…

The original "Winners are Grinners" Sign

Driving into our town, from any of our 5 highways there are “Winners are Grinners” Signs on the massive Bishops Signage Billboards. Love it or hate it, that smiling horse has caught the eye of every traveller up and down the east coast of Australia. A take off of Gunsynd, The Goondiwindi Grey Race Horse, this sign has become quite a landmark and is referred to as a point of interest, a drop-pin, and identifies us as “That town with the grinning horse sign.”

I hated it a little…alot….

Over the years the signs had faded and had lost their vibrancy. It was time for a fresh set of signs and, someone who matters, (I don’t know who) could not locate the original files anywhere. After all it had been probably 10 years since they were printed at a guess.

So we had to design a new one. It was a tough ask. When was the last time you had a photograph of a grinning horse that HAD to be grey waiting in your archives? Plus, the old sign was a sentimental favourite. Shhushing up an existing idea was quite a challenge.

So here is the final result. With some super photoshop, a little cosmetic work on those teeth, the smile, the expression and the eyes, I think we nailed it. Now after hearing the stories about how much it is talked about up and down the East Coast of Australia, I have changed my mind about this sign.

Now I like it a little…alot….

Here are some bumper stickers to match. Available at the Visitors Information Centre. Grinners really are the winners!

Ciao for now. Nat

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