Fingers and Socks

Why is this concert called Fingers and Socks I hear you ask? Well, Thomas Williams is a Concert Pianist…so thats the fingers. Thomas is also over 6ft tall and wears only socks when he plays so he can fit under the piano better, and feel the peddles… thats the socks.

On our forever quest to keep Goondiwindi vibrant and cultural, Thomas Williams has accepted an invitation to play at the Cultural Centre on 20th of April 2012. This is one not to be missed and we are very lucky to have him here. Thanks go to the Goondiwindi performing Arts, (Paddy) and Queensland Arts Council. Grab your tickets at Stage One. Here are the posters designed by yours truly, Vigour Graphics. If you’ve not been to anything like this before, jump out of your comfort zone, grab a heap of friends, wear some sparkles and come along… for $20 you cant go wrong!

Bye for now. Nat


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