Brochures Like Mossy Rabbits

Ive been  searching for Mossy Rabbits for Easter decorations. Finally I found some at The Little Big Company who were recently featured in Peekaboo Magazine Brisbane, I stole this image from them below.

Arnt they Cute! They are for my table centrepiece alternate with the sideboard.

It’s busy times here, I have some fabulous new work that I will share in the next week, Autumn Border Living Magazine, has hit the shelves, 3 new websites to show you and some nice print jobs as well.

As you may be aware its election time here, both State and Local, so we are up to the roofline in printed How to Vote Cards, Candidate Brochures and Postcards, half a million to be exact, they are breeding just like Mossy Rabbits here! Brace your mailboxes, they will be out in the next week as well…

Well it’s back to the grindstone for me. Have a happy and productive day. Nat



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3 responses to “Brochures Like Mossy Rabbits

  1. The mossy rabbits are too cute!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our moss rabbits, really appreciate it Louisa xx

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