The Children’s House of Hope


Recently the Goondiwindi Rotary Club along with the Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise undertook a project to design and assemble a house for The Children’s House of Hope in Samoa. Members traveled to Samoa and built the house to accommodate 30 children. A wonderful project. To decorate the house on completion, the Goondiwindi Club engaged me to design and supply a canvas of various Australian images. We decided it would travel overseas best if it was rolled up in a tube, then when the Club members arrived in Samoa, they would knock up a frame to stretch it over. So we made it really big and packed it off. According to stories and legends told by the group, it arrived ok and was mounted on a frame then onto the wall of one of the communal rooms.

Im hoping for a photo of it in the House, but haven’t had one sent as yet. Still…so happy to help on a great, life changing project, even if it is in the tiniest most insignificant way. Love your life. Natxx


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