Inglewood and Texas, a little about both…


Words that sum up Texas to me. (in no particular order)…..Industry, Beauty, Friendly, History

Words that sum up Inglewood to me. (in no particular order)…..Relaxed, Amazing, Industry, Beautiful

If you travel through these towns, take a look “up”. Look “up” at the banners we have designed down the main streets. Goondiwindi Regional Council engaged Vigour Graphics to create vibrant, story-telling and clever banners for these towns.  All images, (but the Texas drilling one), were taken by Vigour Graphics as well.

So why would you go there?

Inglewood has the best little coffee shop and antique store. It’s in the main street and I stop there regularly. Have the all day breakfast… its the best. It’s a great one day destination drive, and there is always something going on. There is a Pioneer Village (It’s a run around to get the key…) to wander through, and the fantastic Rosa Bella Nursery to pick up some plants. The Leven K Lavender farm is open seasonally and makes for a great day as well.

Ahhh, Texas….I love the Rabbit in the A of Texas. That represents a long history of Rabbit processing at the Rabbit works there.

For my OS readers, Rabbits were introduced to Australia and became a terrible pest in plague proportions. The Riverside Freezing Works was completed in 1932 and locals were able to make quite a good living out of trapping rabbits and selling them at the rabbit factory. I guess they were used as pet meat and fur.

Some say The Riverside Freezing Works was responsible for Texas surviving the depression. If you call the visitors information centre, check out when The Freezer Works Tours are on; I havent been, but I hear it’s really interesting and has some old historic gear worth looking at. Now, even though we arn’t on a guided tour here… I did want to mention that the best food in the town of Texas comes from BJ’s Steakhouse, in the main street and the Art Gallery also in the main street is brilliant.

Bye for now. Natxx



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2 responses to “Inglewood and Texas, a little about both…

  1. So funny to be reading about Texas . . . in Australia!

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