Naughty Goat Farm

Something kind of cute about goats, (well, sometimes..) and a farm named Naughty Goat Farm pretty much sums them up. So when Hamish needed a logo, straight away I envisaged one of his goats into mischief eating the garden flowers.

Business Cards

I painted this from reference of one of Hamish’s first and favourite goats. The Anglo-Nubian Goats have the distinctive scoop-out floppy ears and come in all colours, they have a curious and gentle nature that I tried to capture in the image. Here are the information/business cards.


And below is the stamp artwork used for stamping the soap bags.

This image by Hamish

This image by Hamish

Pop over and visit the Naughty Goat Farm website, and online store created by Hamish here. You will find soaps, lipgloss and sometimes, jams and pickles, depending on what is in season. If you live around  South West Queensland and the Darling Downs, then you may come across Naughty Goat Farm at one of our many vibrant markets and festival days.

Have a happy and productive week. Nat


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  1. Nat the logo you designed for Naughty Goat Farm is just awesome. We love it and get so many comments from people how much they love the design. The logo has really helped the business to new level. Thank you!

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