Rising Stars


Here are a selection of my favourite cards from the weeks orders. New cards for Suede Goondiwindi. She has the most amazing shoes and accessories. I love the leopard print heels icon. You can follow Jane on Facebook here.


Brittrans have some eye-catching  cards as well. These are double sided, full colour cards with images of their prime movers, with loads on the back. They look amazing in super high gloss finish, and the colours are vivid and crisp. These cards talk no matter what side is up on the desk.


Above, the Tie Up The Black Dog Committee have business cards featuring the logo I designed for them some months back. They have a facebook page here and a blog here. They provide useful information, links and seminars for those suffering, or friends and relatives of those suffering with depression or mental illness.


Goondiwindi Engineering have new business cards that match their website. Very corporate, that reflect the values of this business and the perfection of their work. So that about wraps up my favourite business cards, but another one I really liked that was designed and supplied by Vigour Graphics is this one for Naughty Goat Farm, in case you missed it.

Have a happy day and be true to yourself. Natxx


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