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St George Sunset Charity Ball

sunsetcharityballHere is the new logo for the ST George Sunset Charity Ball. Proudly supporting Beyond Blue, this is a fabulous night with inspirational guest speaker Sam Bailey, farmer,author and quadraplegic helicopter pilot. An evening to remember, posters and promo by Vigour Graphics. Here is a link to Sam if you wish to read more.


And here is the poster you will see around the ridges. See you there! Stay happy and productive. Nat:)sunsetcharityball copy


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Goats Going 3D

Business Cards

Here is a logo I developed for Naughty Goat Farm. This is a portrait of one of the Nubian Goats there. It is used on all their packaging and promotional material.

Here it is in 3D. I thought this might be interesting to share with you the development of the logo into this form.


After it is carefully scanned, it is made into a computer generated 3D image that can be viewed from all angles. Once approved, it is ready to be made into a pattern and printed by a 3D printer. You can touch and feel the sample as a one off.


Here it is printed. Here is Hamish, (Owner of Naughty Goat Farm) holding the first sample.  This has been developed into Soap Molds.

Amazing technology the 3D printers. They are changing our world.

The Goat Soaps will still be produced locally and organically, but they will have the logo shape in 3D on them. So professional and part of the whole branding concept. They look amazing.

Well done Naughty Goat Farm!

Till next time. Nat

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Naughty Goat Farm

Something kind of cute about goats, (well, sometimes..) and a farm named Naughty Goat Farm pretty much sums them up. So when Hamish needed a logo, straight away I envisaged one of his goats into mischief eating the garden flowers.

Business Cards

I painted this from reference of one of Hamish’s first and favourite goats. The Anglo-Nubian Goats have the distinctive scoop-out floppy ears and come in all colours, they have a curious and gentle nature that I tried to capture in the image. Here are the information/business cards.


And below is the stamp artwork used for stamping the soap bags.

This image by Hamish

This image by Hamish

Pop over and visit the Naughty Goat Farm website, and online store created by Hamish here. You will find soaps, lipgloss and sometimes, jams and pickles, depending on what is in season. If you live around  South West Queensland and the Darling Downs, then you may come across Naughty Goat Farm at one of our many vibrant markets and festival days.

Have a happy and productive week. Nat

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The Number One Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia.

SSbannerCongratulations to the forward thinking community of Texas! Number One Motor Cycle Friendly Town in Australia!

At Vigour Graphics we have been creating a banner for Texas’ main street to celebrate this. Here is the media release:

” TEXAS will become the Number One Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia with an official announcement to be made on Saturday.
A small group of people who saw the potential of this project have been working away for over eight months in preparation of this announcement.
Cr David McMahon said Texas was paving the way for other towns in Australia including towns in the Regional Council area, to become motorcycle friendly. 
“Texas will of course be known as the No 1 Motorcycle Friendly Town, and our region will also be known as the Number 1 Motorcycle Friendly region in Australia. 
“This will pave the way for Inglewood and Goondiwindi to follow suit should they so desire.”
Cr McMahon said Texas had to go through criteria to be awarded this title with designated motorcycle parking, suitable accommodation options, suitable fuel for motorcycles and many other criteria that had to be met. 
He also said that as part of the project, comprehensive touring maps have been produced for motorcyclists on how to get to Texas as well as a local touring map.
“This announcement will be a fantastic day for Texas and we expect more than 100 motorcyclists from both sides of the border to be in the main street when our Local Member Lawrence Springborg and Mayor Graeme Scheu take part in the announcement.
“To be known as the Number 1 Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia is great for business as motorcyclists will spend their money when they are out and about.
“A free sausage sizzle is being organized by Texas Qld Inc and we encourage as many people to be part of this historic announcement as possible at 12 noon in front of the Memorial Hall,” Cr McMahon said.”



So if you are a motorcycle rider or and enthusiast of motorcycling, then head on out to Texas TODAY 29th of June 2013. It will be a great day!


Reference sourced from David McMahon
Banner by Vigour Graphics
Photo by Goondiwindi Argus

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Leading Ladies Toowoomba

leading ladies

The Leading Ladies of Toowoomba have a lovely new logo. Vigour Graphics designed their logo and gave them a helping hand with their Leading Ladies Website. 

Leading Ladies is an independent, not-for-profit, association of local business women who meet regularly in a friendly and informal way to network, share ideas, educate, invigorate and empower other women in business. To avoid any business conflict, membership is limited to one representative for each business category. However, they always welcome new members and extend an invitation to business ladies who may benefit from their association.  They are a great group of ladies, please contact them if you would like to join!



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Lettie the Cat

vigourgraphics.com_50707 copyfilmsm

I’m only a cat,
and I stay in my place…
Up there on your chair,
on your couch or your face!

I’m only a cat,
and I don’t finick much…
I’m happy with cream
and anchovies and such!

I’m only a cat,
and we’ll get along fine…
As long as you know
your place… and I’ll know mine!

Author Unknown

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Goondiwindi TAB Raceday

Tait Tab Raceday Invite

If you are a racing enthusiast, a fashionista, or even just a social butterfly, head down to Gunsynd Park for a great day out. Support your local Race Club for this historic occasion, the very first TAB raceday.

Posters by Vigour Graphics!  Till next time Natxx

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Sunlit Grass Wallpaper


It’s been raining for 5 days and Im a bit restless this morning. I have 2 new logos to design today and I was hoping to get more images for  a “Regional Postcards Job” Im doing this afternoon as well. So feeling a like this, Ive been looking for inspiration. I came across this image I photographed last week in the late afternoon sun. Thought I would share it with you. How fantastic is that light! If you really like it, you can CLICK HERE for a Free wallpaper download. Hope you enjoy. Till next time. Natxx

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Inglewood and Texas, a little about both…


Words that sum up Texas to me. (in no particular order)…..Industry, Beauty, Friendly, History

Words that sum up Inglewood to me. (in no particular order)…..Relaxed, Amazing, Industry, Beautiful

If you travel through these towns, take a look “up”. Look “up” at the banners we have designed down the main streets. Goondiwindi Regional Council engaged Vigour Graphics to create vibrant, story-telling and clever banners for these towns.  All images, (but the Texas drilling one), were taken by Vigour Graphics as well.

So why would you go there?

Inglewood has the best little coffee shop and antique store. It’s in the main street and I stop there regularly. Have the all day breakfast… its the best. It’s a great one day destination drive, and there is always something going on. There is a Pioneer Village (It’s a run around to get the key…) to wander through, and the fantastic Rosa Bella Nursery to pick up some plants. The Leven K Lavender farm is open seasonally and makes for a great day as well.

Ahhh, Texas….I love the Rabbit in the A of Texas. That represents a long history of Rabbit processing at the Rabbit works there.

For my OS readers, Rabbits were introduced to Australia and became a terrible pest in plague proportions. The Riverside Freezing Works was completed in 1932 and locals were able to make quite a good living out of trapping rabbits and selling them at the rabbit factory. I guess they were used as pet meat and fur.

Some say The Riverside Freezing Works was responsible for Texas surviving the depression. If you call the visitors information centre, check out when The Freezer Works Tours are on; I havent been, but I hear it’s really interesting and has some old historic gear worth looking at. Now, even though we arn’t on a guided tour here… I did want to mention that the best food in the town of Texas comes from BJ’s Steakhouse, in the main street and the Art Gallery also in the main street is brilliant.

Bye for now. Natxx


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Tis the season!


Vigour Graphics designed the beautiful banners that are in the main streets of both the towns of Inglewood and Texas.

Not an ounce of the colour puce or beige to be seen in these…..they are vibrant, exciting, fun, and colourful.

Each banner represents an element of Christmas. Festive, Spiritual, Tradition, Commercial and Imaginary. Now isnt that what Christmas is all about?

Seasons Greetings…. Nat xxx

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