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Pittsworth Pulse and Pain

Pittsworth Pulse and Pain

And the name says it all… just completed for Pittsworth District Alliance, The Pittsworth Pulse and Pain Half Marathon promotions.
A great event for this town, people will come from far and wide as various Tri Clubs, Fitness Freaks, once-a-year runners and their families spend the day in Pittsworth. If you know the area, its not flat. Copps Hill will sort the best of them out. I’m always up for a challenge, so I’ll be on a water station with the girls, and also on the end of the long lens of my camera, recording some action.

Amazing Prizes, not only for the fit but for the funny too, with prizes for best dressed. After the event families will be able to relax in the grounds of the Historical Society, with food, drink and award presentations. See you there? I’ll pass you some water…! Have a happy and productive day… Natxx


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Gunsynd Dinner Sunday March 31st 2013



Just a quick post today, 10 minutes in between deadlines…. I tell you, it’s been total madness around here in the lead up to Easter.

Today we are finishing place cards and placemats for the Remembering Gunsynd Dinner this weekend. Vigour Graphics has designed and supplied tickets, posters, and advertisements. It is a part of the Easter on the Macintyre Celebrations in Goondiwindi. The charity auction features great memorabilia as well. Hope you are having a great day where ever you may be. Ill see you at the celebrations! Till next time. Nat

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Lauren Bacall and The Town House

My working week is made up of many things, and some of it is always spent designing advertisements for newspapers, magazines and websites.  I design advertisements for all sorts of businesses, including clothing stores, chemists, real estate, motels, restaurants, photographers, machinery sales and even freight companies. I put alot of thought into each and every one.


Here is an ad for The Town House Restaurant in Goondiwindi. For this ad I wanted to give a film like, double glass effect, with Lauren Bacall styled undertones. Working with supplied images and an open brief, gave me an opportunity to tweak the images to the effect I was after. Being really happy with the result, Lisa and David have an effective, eye catching, attractive ad designed to get results, and I had the opportunity to visit a period of photography that featured the lovely Lauren Bacall.

Till next time. Nat

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Lettie the Cat

vigourgraphics.com_50707 copyfilmsm

I’m only a cat,
and I stay in my place…
Up there on your chair,
on your couch or your face!

I’m only a cat,
and I don’t finick much…
I’m happy with cream
and anchovies and such!

I’m only a cat,
and we’ll get along fine…
As long as you know
your place… and I’ll know mine!

Author Unknown

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You’ll Turn Heads

YTH logo

A funky new logo for Courtney and her staff at You’ll Turn Heads, Hair Design in Goondiwindi. Pop down to 65 Marshall Street Goondiwindi and come out with a new do that will be everything their new name and logo suggests! I wish Courtney every success in her new venture.

Stay busy and productive and fabulous!  Natxx

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The Children’s House of Hope


Recently the Goondiwindi Rotary Club along with the Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise undertook a project to design and assemble a house for The Children’s House of Hope in Samoa. Members traveled to Samoa and built the house to accommodate 30 children. A wonderful project. To decorate the house on completion, the Goondiwindi Club engaged me to design and supply a canvas of various Australian images. We decided it would travel overseas best if it was rolled up in a tube, then when the Club members arrived in Samoa, they would knock up a frame to stretch it over. So we made it really big and packed it off. According to stories and legends told by the group, it arrived ok and was mounted on a frame then onto the wall of one of the communal rooms.

Im hoping for a photo of it in the House, but haven’t had one sent as yet. Still…so happy to help on a great, life changing project, even if it is in the tiniest most insignificant way. Love your life. Natxx

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A day at the Polo

Recently I was assigned to take a few images at the Polo. You see I do weekend photography for the local paper, so that means I get to go places, meet uber nice people, eat great food, take photos, waft around a bit, and get paid for it. Win, Win, Win and Win! So heading out to the Polo was a nice change. Loved the action and thrill of it all. Till next time, Nat

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Absolution Creek & Gourmet in Gundy

Dont forget this weekend is Gourmet In Gundy, our wine food, music and art festival.

There are some serious things happening this year.

Australian Author (and gorgeous friend) Nicole Alexander is launching her new book Absolution Creek.

I had the pleasure of doing the photoshoot for Random House for Nicole at her property some 100+ klm West of West.  When she said “Keep going till you drive off the end of the bitumen…” Nicole wasn’t kidding. The launch is at 6pm Friday the 7th at the Goondiwindi Cultural Centre.

The Dragon Boat races are on! Both Days!

All the Food, Wine Music and Art will be on the Banks of the Macintyre River on Sunday.

Come along, it’s a wonderful day out, Ill see you there, Ill be your friendly Official Photographer! Natxx

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Spring at last!


Happy Spring Everyone! It’s great to be back! Natxx


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10-4 Big Buddy!

Here are Roberts Transport Postcards, printed on fabulous 420gsm card, glossy, full colour, in Australia Post approved sizing. Super high quality, these are the big boys on the postcard scene, much like the big freight liners they advertise. These are great for sending potential clients, posting forward or keeping as collectables.

The fabulous images were taken by expert emerging photographer, Bobbie George, layout and graphic design by Vigour Graphics. Look out for these big beauties down the highway, and keep on truckin’ Nat

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