I travel a great deal to capture images, but often find the perfect image right in my own extended back yard. Living in a rural town, and with an eye for detail, there are a wealth of photo opportunities all around me. Currently I use Canon EOS 5D Mark II’s, with 5 lenses plus 6 filters. With my very first camera being a Kodak Box Brownie my father gave me when I was 10 years old.

I usually photograph each subject many times – like in a portrait session – using different lenses, angles and compositions, watching as the lighting and subject changes. After each photographic job I sort through many images and select only a handful.

Using Adobe Photoshop® on a high end Macintosh, I fine tune each image, stylizing, with or without staying true to the original, while correcting the color balance, managing tonal ranges, refining or adding effects to create the perfect image. My images are perfect for commercial use, printing, promotional work, web sites, banner & large format work. If you would like something on a more personal level, I am also happy to help.

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I enjoy doing artistic and expressive work, I am often hired to cover events, provide tourism and fashion shoots. My favourite work is fashion and product photography.

I am very practiced at color-managment & workflow, using accurate camera, scanner, display, and printer profiles to achieve excellent color reproduction.

For artistic work, canvas prints offer a clean and intimate presentation that focuses on the image itself without matting or glare from glass. The image is copied and wrapped around a frame box so the print is complete without a frame.

If you are adding to an existing collection of matted and framed photographs, or if you prefer the more traditional photographic presentation with a mat, frame, and glass, then this can be provided also. Our photo printing is done in house.  We take special care to ensure excellent image reproduction, using quality Epson and Canon papers.

We are happy to print and frame your own images also. Contact us for a quote and or to choose your frame.


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