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Goats Going 3D

Business Cards

Here is a logo I developed for Naughty Goat Farm. This is a portrait of one of the Nubian Goats there. It is used on all their packaging and promotional material.

Here it is in 3D. I thought this might be interesting to share with you the development of the logo into this form.


After it is carefully scanned, it is made into a computer generated 3D image that can be viewed from all angles. Once approved, it is ready to be made into a pattern and printed by a 3D printer. You can touch and feel the sample as a one off.


Here it is printed. Here is Hamish, (Owner of Naughty Goat Farm) holding the first sample.  This has been developed into Soap Molds.

Amazing technology the 3D printers. They are changing our world.

The Goat Soaps will still be produced locally and organically, but they will have the logo shape in 3D on them. So professional and part of the whole branding concept. They look amazing.

Well done Naughty Goat Farm!

Till next time. Nat


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