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The Number One Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia.

SSbannerCongratulations to the forward thinking community of Texas! Number One Motor Cycle Friendly Town in Australia!

At Vigour Graphics we have been creating a banner for Texas’ main street to celebrate this. Here is the media release:

” TEXAS will become the Number One Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia with an official announcement to be made on Saturday.
A small group of people who saw the potential of this project have been working away for over eight months in preparation of this announcement.
Cr David McMahon said Texas was paving the way for other towns in Australia including towns in the Regional Council area, to become motorcycle friendly. 
“Texas will of course be known as the No 1 Motorcycle Friendly Town, and our region will also be known as the Number 1 Motorcycle Friendly region in Australia. 
“This will pave the way for Inglewood and Goondiwindi to follow suit should they so desire.”
Cr McMahon said Texas had to go through criteria to be awarded this title with designated motorcycle parking, suitable accommodation options, suitable fuel for motorcycles and many other criteria that had to be met. 
He also said that as part of the project, comprehensive touring maps have been produced for motorcyclists on how to get to Texas as well as a local touring map.
“This announcement will be a fantastic day for Texas and we expect more than 100 motorcyclists from both sides of the border to be in the main street when our Local Member Lawrence Springborg and Mayor Graeme Scheu take part in the announcement.
“To be known as the Number 1 Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia is great for business as motorcyclists will spend their money when they are out and about.
“A free sausage sizzle is being organized by Texas Qld Inc and we encourage as many people to be part of this historic announcement as possible at 12 noon in front of the Memorial Hall,” Cr McMahon said.”



So if you are a motorcycle rider or and enthusiast of motorcycling, then head on out to Texas TODAY 29th of June 2013. It will be a great day!


Reference sourced from David McMahon
Banner by Vigour Graphics
Photo by Goondiwindi Argus


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Lauren Bacall and The Town House

My working week is made up of many things, and some of it is always spent designing advertisements for newspapers, magazines and websites.  I design advertisements for all sorts of businesses, including clothing stores, chemists, real estate, motels, restaurants, photographers, machinery sales and even freight companies. I put alot of thought into each and every one.


Here is an ad for The Town House Restaurant in Goondiwindi. For this ad I wanted to give a film like, double glass effect, with Lauren Bacall styled undertones. Working with supplied images and an open brief, gave me an opportunity to tweak the images to the effect I was after. Being really happy with the result, Lisa and David have an effective, eye catching, attractive ad designed to get results, and I had the opportunity to visit a period of photography that featured the lovely Lauren Bacall.

Till next time. Nat

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