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The Emily Tapp Fund

Here is something well worth supporting.

Exert from Katherine Times.

Emily Tapp has only one wish: To get the chance to get back on her feet. Left paraplegic after a horse riding accident in January last year, Emily, who grew up on Roper Valley and Mountain Valley Station, had to go through three months of stabilisation therapy, before she was moved to a hospital in Brisbane for rehabilitation.

Now sharing a modified house with her sister Courtney Tapp, the 21-year-old still has to go to regular therapies to build core strength, but while she has received outstanding medical care in Australia, she says she has not made as much progress as she would have liked. But a special spinal rehabilitation program, undertaken in California, America could help. The program would allow Emily to receive up to five hours of intensive physiotherapy treatment five times a week, which could get her closer to achieving her dream of one day walking again.

In Brisbane – where she currently is completing rehabilitation – she only gets one two-hour session a week.

“The project in America is called ‘Project Walk’ and it really is something that I feel very strongly will help me get back on my feet,” Emily said. “Project Walk is the largest spinal rehabilitation centre in the world, and they are motivated and driven to push you out of your comfort zone and not limit your outcome by negativity.”

“I would be able to do almost 25 hours of physio a week – and I know that I would make serious progress in my mobility. Emily said she feels the program in America is her “real shot” at walking again.


So, if you are in the camp drafting and horse community, support this great cause that is being put together by some great local people or if you can help in another way, you could phone Heidi on 6769 2385. It would be so appreciated. Lets help get Emily back on her feet.

…..Really makes us realise how lucky we all are. Nat


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